With it’s variety of event centers and places to choose from, Paterson has no shortage of places to pick from when it comes to planning for, or going to a unique venue. We comprehend that the key word describing “special occasion” is “special”, your encounter should be just the same. Our experienced cab operators don’t just simply know the key points of how to reach each destination, but additionally the optimal ways to and from your chosen area to where it is you want to be.

Our booking service offers you a even more advantage by being able to designate your retrieve and return times ahead of time to make certain that you can stay focused on the event in which you’re taking part in, as well as not needing to concern yourself with the why’s and how’s of transportation. By booking your ride ahead of time, you have the safety in knowing you have a ride waiting when you require it, rather than having to take the time to call and then wait, or attempting to flag down a taxi with a bunch of others doing the same.

Whether your occasion calls for transport for yourself or for a group of folks, our solutions will have you covered in comfort as well as convenience. All it takes is a call to our dispatch and we can set you up for the evening with a solo car or van transport to make certain that not simply is your transportation there, but transport that can comfortably see that all guests having to reach  the location with you.

Our vehicles all come fitted with door hangers as well, to see that you have the capability to easily travel with any amount of essential clothing or equipment and not have the need to stress over them being crumpled up in the cabs trunk, or sitting on an unclean floor. Just hang up your clothes prior to entering the car and you can keep them clean, dry and straight during your trip, seeing that you show up in great time, and great appearance when you arrive.

With any type of enjoyable night out comes the chance of drinking as well, and those who choose to drink responsibly, recognize that driving intoxicated isn’t responsible. By booking transport ahead of time, or even last minute, you ensure not only your own safety, but also the safety of any others in your party, this extends to those walking on the street, or other drivers as well. By not taking the chance driving on your own, you are keeping more than just yourself safe. Your safety is our primary focus, and the safety and security of those with you are included in that goal. Don’t take the possibility, call a cab and show up in one piece.

Despite your option of venue, we will be more than happy to supply you with the means to arrive at your location, and back in safety, security and comfort, so call us today to schedule now, or ahead, we are at your service.