In 2014 alone, over $14 million worth of gift cards went unused. Cards are coming to be an ever more popular gift concept, and yet, as the previous truth shows, not everyone is always keen on the idea of receiving one. It is with this knowledge that our taxi companyhandles gift cards differently compared to other businesses. We don’t view gift cards as a final sale, however as a financial investment, an insurance if you will.

                Not only do the gift cards we provide not have an expiration, but they are likewise not a final sale. If you purchase one of our gift cards for a friend, or a member of your family, and unknown to you, just bought their first car, we don’t want them to have to sit on a card that they will never use, and we’re sure you don’t either.

                When you acquire a gift card, you are investing in the expectancy that it will go to use, but what if it doesn’t?? What if something comes up that is a lot more essential, that you need the money for other than that specific service? We provide a no hassle, no question card return in expectancy that sometimes, the unexpected happens, and in some cases a gift card isn’t really what an individual needs.

                On the other hand, a different portion of the public could truly make use of a gift card, a pre-paid, worry free capacity to travel via our company without having to dig through their pocketbook. Visualize being stranded, between paychecks, no cash accessible, and also far from their home, it would truly be practical then to have a capability to pay for a trip. Or to be less dramatic, to relieve some of the monetary problems for a buddy or close one who depends greatly on taxi services, to offer them a duration of time where they have their transport pre-paid.

                A gift card could be a great advantage to a person that needs the service at whatever time without fretting about how you can cover it. We view gift cards as exactly just what they are intended to be, “gifts”. And we would certainly rather see our cards go to being used, or be recycled into the system than to see them be sitting unused in a back cabinet somewhere in your house, permanently neglected.

                In our financial times, every dime counts, and so we supply this excellent service option to our clients, by making certain that not just their cash is wisely invested in utilizing our company, but that their cash is considered important going to our business or factored into our clients budgets. We think that by treating our clients money with regard, that it will create more incoming business in the future, as well as consequently secure the business financially. Know that we are invested in you as you are in us, and by permitting you the freedom to manage your presents to others, allows you manage over your own economic safety.