Accessible Services

With all the advancements in today’s society, we have made leaps and bounds in the area of understanding various disabilities. Yet with those thoughts in mind, there are still areas of life where those who require assistance are left with a more difficult time in trying to get regular, everyday tasks completed. This is shown especially when it comes to public transportation, and the ability to come and go as one pleases.

To say that an individual is “handicapped” or “disabled” is to do them a disservice, instead we try to focus on what our clientele can still accomplish on their own, and give them the freedom to do so of their own volition. We also understand that there are individuals who aren’t as capable as others, and require more assistance with regular tasks.

This is why we employ the most capable, and understanding drivers we possibly can. The entire experience begins with the individuals providing the transportation, and with this in mind we specifically focus on hiring those who are able to maintain that level of service and compassion throughout their day. To know that each individual is unique and therefore has unique needs.

The next step in our services extends to the vehicles. To ensure that each mode of transportation we have when it comes to our accessible vans and cars, are suited to meet the needs and requirements of each individual. With ramps for those who require a wheelchair, to seat locks, and easy to locate and identify controls for the vehicles automated functions.

Our drivers are also keenly aware that every individual has their own definition of personal space, and will only enter that space on the request of the individual (or caregiver on their behalf). This extends to wheelchairs, special equipment, or otherwise. We have made it our goal to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our clientele regardless of duration of the trip, and strive to deliver a service that caters to their personal needs.

Any family or caregivers of individuals who travel with us for any length of time can rest assured that they will be in the best possible hands. With prompt, and punctual pick up and drop off times, and the ability to really empathize and relate to those riding with us, we have made it a personal and professional goal to be an industry landmark in how to honor our clienteles needs.

As vehicles of this nature make up less of our fleet, there is a recommended booking time to ensure that you will have your transportation ready when you need it. We do suggest at least a 24 hour window of advanced notice so that we have the capability to deliver our services on time.

That said, we also know that life doesn’t operate on a schedule, and try our best to accommodate short notice bookings to the best of our ability. Call us today to speak with a service representative to find out more about our services, vehicles, or bookings.