About Us

 Nowadays there aren’t that many family based companies that are still around. In the time of big name markets and box stores, the “mom and pop” days seem to be long behind us. Though, in a effort to combat this movement away from grass roots beginnings is Jersey Paterson’s company. Still going today after 2 full generations in the business, and if you ask him why he still remains ahead of the pack in this industry, he will reply as he always does, “It’s because of our customers”.

                To say that the company is built upon an old fashioned tradition would be an understatement, as would saying that Jersey is “familiar” with cabs. Started by Jersey’s parents Wilhelmina and Hannibal Paterson, the couple initially bought the fledgling company when Jersey was only an infant. He would spend the rest of his life surrounded by the taxi lifestyle.

Daycare was a dispatchers office, his “aunts and uncles” were various drivers, and most of his formal education was the ins and outs of the family business. So it was only natural that he began driving for the company almost the minute he became licensed.

Jersey spent his time learning every facet of the business, working as a driver, dispatcher, accountant, and steadily introducing new and inventive ways for the family business to stay competitive as the world grew around them. But all the while, maintaining that sense of family and personal accountability that one comes to expect with a business based on humble beginnings.

Sadly, when Jersey was in his mid-30’s he lost his mother, and a few years later, his father went off to join her. Though to say he still had family left would be a little short of the truth. It was when he fully took over the family business that he put all of his momentum into the company. With the help of his valued drivers and staff, he pushed the little company to the forefront of Paterson’s available options and focused on setting themselves as the best of the best.

Under his direction, the next decade of business saw major growth, allowing us to extend our services, and offer more than simply a ride to and from where you need to be. Bringing in specialists in all forms to maintain the highest quality service at all times of the day.

From a struggling company many years ago, to a fixture in the world of taxis, the company has seen it’s fair share of changes, and seen people come and go. Yet through it all, the sense of family, a tight knit group working in unison for one singular goal, has always been the company’s lifeblood and will continue to be for many years to come.

So we invite you to come and see what we mean, and feel the sense of familial community in a world gone global. We have always been rooted in the community, and desire to extend those roots to include all who journey with us.